Help / Frequently Asked Questions

What is What am I signing up for?
Find coupons here from the local area. Sign Up for 10 coupons in the weekly Email Flyer.

You’re not going to SPAM me, are you?
No. Never! We hate SPAM too! And it’s bad for business. We respect your privacy and won’t send you anything you don’t ask for! Sometimes an email program or internet provider (ISP) will filter our messages unless you make it clear that they are NOT SPAM. If you ever do need a break, it’s easy to stop receiving our email.

Do I need a password to get coupons?
No. Get coupons on anytime.

I want to make a coupon for my business. Is there help for Advertisers?
Get answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can always contact customer service.

How do I stop getting email?
You can cancel email instantly. Use the “unsubscribe” link found on our email messages or any page of the website. Change your mind? We’ll welcome you back with open arms.

I signed up, why am I not receiving an Email Flyer?
The Email Flyer is sent Thursdays. Sometimes, email messages get filtered by the email program or internet service provider (ISP). Filtering is meant to discourage SPAM and unwanted messages. Often messages you want get blocked. Sometimes important email is mistakenly sent to folders called “Spam” or “Junk.” We can only guess why certain messages are blocked. Most systems allow you to indicate that a message is NOT SPAM or NOT JUNK. Add as a contact to prevent missing any coupons.

Do I see coupons for national online businesses?
Yes. Sometimes valuable national or online coupons are available. However, we’ll always provide as many local coupons as possible.

How do I change my email address if it is incorrect or needs updating?
Simply log in to your account and update your email address on your profile, the change will go into effect within 24 hours.